Stop Binge Eating Tips You Can't Live Without.

Published: 15th September 2009
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Binge eating disordered people tend to have frequent episodes of eating unusually large amounts of food in a short period of time and just a few of the feelings that accompany it are self destruction, out of control, and embarrassment. This is very different from a "pig out" session with your girlfriends or football buddies. Someone who cannot stop binge eating can feel very alone and very ashamed of their behavior.

Research shows that external factors such as stress, major life changes such as divorce, marriage, moving to college or getting a new job can all be catalysts that lead to binge eating disorder. And because everyone processes stress differently some people use food as a comfort measure or distraction.

There is hope and help is readily available so that binge eaters don't have to be victims forever.

Here are 3 tips that you can implement immediately which can make a big difference.

Stop Binge Eating Tip #1 - Chill Out!

Stress is the number one reason we continue to binge. However, it is not usually the root cause of the disorder. Some kind of event or situation usually sets the stage for an eating disorder and stress contributes to it. By reducing the "bad" stress in your life you can reduce your binges while you work on getting to the root cause of your disorder.

Try these right now:

1. Slow everything down and do not make any decisions without spending a few minutes before hand really thinking about what you are deciding upon. Try removing your emotions and make your decisions based strictly on facts. Use a pad and pencil and write down only what the facts are about a certain situation. By removing the emotions surrounding something you can begin to see it more clearly.

2. There is no need to be a perfectionist. Perfectionists aspire to be top achievers and do not allow themselves to make even a single mistake. They are always on the alert for imperfections and weaknesses in themselves and others. They tend to be rigid thinkers who are on the lookout for deviations from the rules or the norm.

Perfectionism is not the same as striving for excellence. People who pursue excellence in a healthy way take genuine pleasure in working to meet high standards. Perfectionists are motivated by self-doubt and fear of disapproval, ridicule, and rejection. The high producer has drive, while the perfectionist is driven.

3. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. This is all part of the Law of Attraction and it works. So start thinking about what you want and state it this way: "I want to be healthy and happy", instead of saying "I don't want to binge eat." Your brain will hear healthy and happy instead of binge eat.

4. Get moving. You will release the good hormones in your body by getting up and moving a bit. Do some arm exercises with some hand weights you can leave at your desk or in your office. Pumping iron is a fantastic way to reduce stress instantly.

5. Set very small goals for yourself and reward yourself with small treats to fit the goal. When you set small goals that you can accomplish in a short time period, 4 days for example, your brain thinks it has won and is very happy!

Stop Binge Eating Tip #2 - Stop Being So Mean!

You probably criticize yourself without really knowing just how much of it you are doing. When you feel you are not good enough in some way or not having enough self-worth you tend to beat yourself up. Binging really has nothing to do with food, control, money or relationships. If you don't feel good enough about yourself everything else can suffer from it and you begin to feel as though you need some kind of external comfort system. Unfortunately, that's where food comes in. Think of how awful it sounds when you say "I'm not good enough" or "I don't deserve that".

Try writing a list of what you think about yourself. Then look at your entries. Do you show love toward yourself or do you think you are a horrible person? When you tell yourself enough times, over and over that you just don't measure up then you will eventually begin to truly believe that statement. Your mind will adopt that belief and pretty soon you will begin acting and thinking and saying things the way you are convincing yourself to be. This belief system needs to be challenged and changed because you do deserve a rich full happy life. Why not?

Stop Binge Eating Tip #3 - What Do You Believe In?

The beliefs and values you carry are generally formed early on and come from what other people believe such as the beliefs of your parents, friends, religious leaders, teachers and society. "A belief is the psychological state in which an individual is convinced of the truth of a proposition." Oftentimes we just accept others beliefs because we think they are the ultimate source of wisdom, even if we don't know whether they are right or wrong.

We grow up believing things we might not necessarily think is correct as an adult but because it has been instilled in us for so long we never challenge it. Look at some of these restrictive beliefs and ask yourself why you think it is true. Ask yourself if you understand what the belief really means and who is saying it. Do you really think it is true?

You'll know the truth by coming up with supporting evidence to prove it. You question everything with why. Why do you believe in this or that? What evidence can you come up with to support your answer?

• "My parents said I will never amount to anything"

• "It's too difficult"

• "I don't have the time for it"

• "I can't do what they ask of me"

• "My friend says that I am a bad friend "

• "I don't believe in that statement"

• "I should never question authority"

• "You'll grow old and become a spinster if you don't do what is asked of you"

• "I don't have the proper skills for that"

Whatever beliefs we have become our reality. We think it is the end all truth.

If you believe that you just cannot stop binge eating then that has become your reality. But the truth is your belief is just a thought pattern dictating your current circumstances. You can choose to change the thoughts you have to become a new belief and one that is significantly better suited to your needs.

Try writing out your own list of limiting beliefs and question them all. Get to the heart of what you believe in. Maybe you CAN do something someone told you that you can't do. Maybe you ARE the best friend to someone else who really appreciates a good friend. Maybe you do have the skills to be anything you set your mind to. Who says?

This is a good starting point for binge eaters but you need to continue to work on these things and get to the root cause of your eating disorder in order to be free of it. Using diversion is only going to prolong your agony so I urge you to keep moving forward and keep digging to find out why you are binging in the first place.

Nadine Ann is a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Binge Eating Disorder. She authored The BreakAway Program which is a complete online program that has helps hundreds of people stop binge eating disorder.

For more information visit Stop Binge Eating and get the help you need.

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